UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay

University California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay is a group of dedicated gardeners who have gone through the University of California approved training in the latest gardening research, including integrated pest management (IPM) and water conservation practices. In turn, UC Master Gardeners share their knowledge with their community. The primary role of the UC Master Gardener is to educate the community in the latest gardening research. We do not provide basic gardening services.

Characteristics of UC Master Gardeners:

  • Enjoy sharing their knowledge
  • Want to give back by volunteering in the local community
  • Have an interest in learning about sustainable gardening practices
  • Have a passion for gardening
  • Have an eagerness to provide educational support to local home gardeners
  • Intend to make a long-term commitment to the program.

About the program:

  • The UC Master Gardener program is open to individuals with or without gardening experience who wish to increase their knowledge and horticultural skills. They must have a desire to serve their community via our volunteer programs.
  • These programs are the cornerstone of the UC Master Gardener concept and provide important outreach to the community from the University of California‚Äôs division of Agriculture & Natural Resources.
  • These outreach activities includes plant and disease/pest hotlines, tabling at local community events, workshops, presentations, community gardens, and much more.
  • The Monterey Bay Master Gardener non-profit provides grants to local projects such as school gardens, gardening-related groups, and community gardens.

About the Training:

  • After submitting an application and being accepted into the program, each UC Master Gardener trainee will then receive over 50 hours of training.
  • Class topics include botany, composting, integrated pest management (IPM), soils, water management, entomology, plant pathology, fruit and ornamental tree culture, and sustainable landscape practices. Other subjects may also be included.
  • Training is by lecture, demonstration, and hands-on activities.
  • Instructors are University of California scientists, UC Cooperative Extension staff, professionals in the Agricultural and Landscape industries and certified UC Master Gardeners.
  • The training classes span an average of sixteen weeks.
  • The provided texts are published by the University of California and are based on research from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay classes are held every two years. The next available session starts in January 2016.
  • UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay classes are held at the University of California Cooperative Extension at 1432 Freedom Blvd, Watsonville, CA 95076.